Our Team

Myterracegarden team


Our team is comprised of mix of experienced and innovative personnel who have designed various types of gardens, villa gardens to terrace top gardens. 

We use a optimum mix of human talent and machinery so as to retain the human touch and automation advantage.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Who will work on my landscape?

The only people who will work on your landscape are MyTerraceGarden employees. Our team members have experience and horticultural backgrounds, and we will all be familiar with your landscape needs. 


Are you licensed?

We have all necessary licenses for our area of work

Some larger construction projects require special licenses and certifications. We have trusted members of the landscaping community that we work with for those special cases.


What kind of landscaping do you do?

We can do all kinds of landscaping, but our specialty is in mixing non-native and native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area. 

Terrace Garden

Organic Vegetable Garden

Rock Garden